mobile metamorphic schist crusher comminution

Schist is medium grade metamorphic rock formed by the metamorphosis of mudstone shale or some types of igneous rock to a higher degree than slate i e it

Mar 17 2017 Banding or schist structure is sometimes present and crystalline It is distinctly micaceous and is intermedíate between slate and mica schist

Talc schist contains abundant talc it has a greasy feel a well developed schistosity and a grayish green colour Mica schist often contains muscovite mica

Schist is a foliated metamorphic rock that contains abundant mica or other platy mineral grains

Name Garnet Mica Schist Texture Foliated Fine to medium grained Composition Muscovite Biotite Garnet Quartz Feldspar Index Minerals Garnet

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