parts of a homemade leaves shredder design

I made this to shred leaves and break apart seed heads in wildflowers I like to grow Unfortunately the 1976 weedeater motor burned up as I was getting ready to make a video of it working I ll have to wait for spring cleanup in a few weeks to scavenge another electric string trimmer then I ll post the video You ll need A Round Trash Can

2007522 ensp 0183 enspHas anyone tried to convert their ole chipper shredder to a leaf vac The main vac unit looks the same as the units at Norther Tool to this I ve checked parts at AgriFab and can get the new flanges for about 200 and that with about 8 of hose

2017113 ensp 0183 enspThoughts on leaf vacuum made from shredder discussion in the Tool Talk preshreds the leaves and assuming I only vacuum dry leaves should this type of shredder provide adequate air movement to assist in pulling the leaves up the tube from the mower to the trailer boy those things are noisy Don t know how much damage even a small

201139 ensp 0183 enspSo by looking at quottheir quot cheap shredder design do you think something like this will work Say a plastic trash can I can secure 3 or 4 legs cut out the bottom hole and make some kind of quottripod quot mount for the weeder so it sits firmly on the ground and the spinning part just inside the trash can have never shreded my leaves before

2010128 ensp 0183 enspEven Harbor Freight lists their electric shredder as 2 1 2HP 15 amps I have a 5HP gas Craftsman chipper shredder that barely changes speed on a load of leaves but does an audible slow down when pine cones go through This is a quotdrop in quot shredder for stuff under 1 2 and a quotsweep in quot for leaves the chute can be laid horizontally

2019430 ensp 0183 enspThis compact leaf mulcher from Worx has a fold down design for easy transport and storage It includes a 13 Amp motor that is capable of mulching 53 gallons of leaves

If you have a lot of trees in your yard a vacuum is a more efficient solution than raking the leaves as you may have a lot of ground to cover If you raked the leaves you d have to spend time and energy moving the leaves from underneath each tree and if you have a large backyard this could take hours

We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product s sale price over the last 90 days New refers to a brandnew unused unopened undamaged item while Used refers to an item that has been used previously

Best Chipper Shredder Models You should know by now whether you want an electric or gaspowered chipper shredder You know what the difference between a chipper and shredder is but the models we ll look at today will be able to perform either job

It s difficult to find a cheap wood chipper that is wellengineered and built to last Yes you can spend a lot of money on a commercialgrade wood chipper shredder but if you re a homeowner you probably want model that is cheap reliable and safe

201287 ensp 0183 enspHi everyone I present to you my home made tobacco cutting machine This machine cuts between 1 5 2 kilos of tobacco leaves in one load First i make a block using the press I keep the tobacco leaves in the press for 30 minutes up to 2 hours Then the block is placed in the cutting machine It takes about 7 minutes for the machine to cut the whole block into extra fine strips 0 3 0 4 mm wide

2019725 ensp 0183 enspHomemade Leaf Mulcher Mulching is an earthfriendly alternative to bagging fallen leaves and dumping them in a landfill Leaves contain 50 to 80 percent of the nutrients collected by trees during the growing season so it makes sense to reuse the leaves in mulches and compost Shredding the leaves before use helps them break down and release

YardMan s chipper shredder vacuum cleans up all lawn debris branches acorns maple seeds and pine cones not just leaves Best of all your work is kept to a minimum In using leaf blowers for leaf removal you have to swing the blower s arm back and forth But this chipper shredder vacuum is pushed on wheels like a lawn mower

2019729 ensp 0183 enspAccording to the manufacturers it can reduce 8 bags of leaves to 1 in shredder mode The mulcher mode has a ratio of 30 to 1 which is a very high compression rate Its heavy duty cutting lines and powerful motor ensure that the processing is smooth without creating any kind of mess The model uses a new tube design that can collect all the

The first chute the smaller of the two shreds branches into chips The second larger chute features blades and additional devices such as hammers to turn excess plant material such as leaves into mulch Based on the kind of wood chipper blade design a user can determine the type and thickness of wood the chipper is capable of handling

2009518 ensp 0183 enspBuild a Compost Shredder Chipper Use these plans from MOTHER EARTH NEWS to make your own compost shredder chipper from a lawn mower Your garden will thank you

2016107 ensp 0183 enspThe leaf vacuum is a a very simple affair It consists of a blower powered by a used lawnmower engine a 5 quot dust hose borrowed from the wood shop dust extractor and some pieces of heating duct connecting the hose at either end