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Mineral In older books it is common to find minerals classified as in Table 2 1 according to the use that is made of the metal or mineral extracted from the ore In many magmatic deposits copper occurs together with nickel Fig 2 1b This nickel bearing minerals are then separated from the gangue by the flotation

reaction or adsorption pulp density and the potential hampering effect of acid neutralizing minerals and acid activity or strength on metal dissolution Nickel and cobalt dissolution were also found to be dependent on the nature of the host minerals and amenability of these gangue minerals to dehydroxylate as a result of

studied sample is composed basically of nickel sulphides pyrrhotite and pentlandite with a fine degree of liberation Magnetite and silicates mostly talc and amphibolites are the main gangue minerals Based on the sample mineralogy some concentration operations were tested such as magnetic separation and nbsp

UNIMAX® SD300 A specialty depressant for pyrite gangue sphalerite and pyrrhotite in lead and copper flotation systems Diethylenetriamine DETA DETA is a polyamine used as a depressant for pyrrhotite and arsenides in copper and nickel mineral flotation Triethylenetetramine TETA Higher ethyleneamines such as nbsp

The simplest method of separating ore from gangue consists of picking out the individual crystals of each This is a very tedious process particularly when the individual particles are small Another comparatively simple method relies on the various minerals having different densities causing them to collect in different nbsp

Comminution separation and concentrate drying account for most of the energy use in the mining and mineral processing sectors Comminution is the most energy intensive of greenhouse gas emissions These consequences are especially significant for the most production intensive metals like copper gold and nickel

nickel concentrate which after dewatering in thickeners and filters contains approximately 10–20 Ni and various other by product metals and gangue minerals The next stage in production of nickel metal is smelting The purpose of smelting is to recover as much metal as possible from the concentrate Flash smelting is

For example terrestrial metal ores typically contain a large fraction of silicates and other low value gangue minerals ranging from approximately 50 gangue for We can therefore expect that asteroids contain a range of potentially useful minerals including nickel iron silicate minerals and hydrated minerals or ices

20 Mar 2012 Metallic resources are things like Gold Silver Tin Copper Lead Zinc Iron Nickel Chromium and Aluminum Nonmetallic resources are things like sand Gangue minerals are minerals that occur in the deposit but do not contain the valuable substance Since economics is what controls the grade or nbsp

Tailings also called mine dumps culm dumps slimes tails refuse leach residue or slickens terra cone terrikon are the materials left over after the process of separating the valuable fraction from the uneconomic fraction gangue of an ore Tailings are distinct from overburden which is the waste rock or other material nbsp

9 Jun 2017 The results show that the nickel slag is dominated by magnetite maghemite gangue minerals and minor Cr spinel The magnetite and maghemite possess simple distribution relationship with other minerals and their particles are highly variable with most over 50 μm which are easily able to be recovered

20 Sep 2013 Nickel Cobalt Laterites A Deposit Model These minerals form in weathering horizons that begin with the unweathered protolith at the base saprolite next a smectite transition zone only in profiles where drainage is very poor followed by limonite and then Supergene Ore and Gangue Characteristics

The importance of mineralogy in nickel projects Nickel can be contained in solid solution in some sulphides such as pyrrhotite and pyrite as well as some gangue minerals This is particularly an issue for low grade deposits where sometimes as little as half the nickel is in an unrecoverable form Not all nickel is nbsp

14 Nov 2007 The ore sample is constituted of about 70 magnetite 15 sulphide minerals and 5 chromite and iron oxides as well as 10 gangue minerals Nickel mineralization in the ore such as pentlandite violarite millerite awaruite and asbolanewas determined Due to the complex structure of mineralization nbsp

Copper Nickel ores Pentlandite Ni Fe S is the most important nickel sulphide mineral and is often associated with nickel containing pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite Gangue minerals can include talc and other troublesome silicates which must be dispersed and or depressed Recovery and separation entails floating all three nbsp

Even though nearly 70 of nickel resources are contained in laterites the bulk of production comes from sulphides due to the complex and high cost processing required for laterite The sulphide ores are universally treated by flotation and the major gangue components include a host of MgO minerals such as serpentine

10 Jul 2017 Various Depramin products have been devel oped for flotation circuits containing the follow ing minerals Pentlandite and other nickel sulfides target minerals Depramin in Potash Ore Potash ores often contain a portion of clay type gangue minerals known as slime Depramin selectively adsorbs to nbsp

Immiscible sulfide drops can become segregated and form immiscible magma layers in a magma chamber in the same way that cumulus layers form then when layers of sulfide magma cool and crystallize the result is a deposit of ore minerals of copper nickel and platinum group metals in a gangue of an iron sulfide nbsp

The flotation behaviour of a Western Australian nickel ore was characterised by size by size flotation rate tests to extract rate constant information The aim was to identify the effect of surface interactions on the flotation of the nickel sulphide mineral pentlandite with magnesium silicate bearing minerals predominantly nbsp

non sulfide gangue The maximum grade of nickel achieved by flotation is around 28 Ni Problems Associated with Sulfide Mineral Flotation The main problem encountered is selectivity of pyr rhotite and also in some cases chalcopyrite during flotation A clean and satisfactory separation of pentlandite from pyrrhotite by nbsp

Introduction GlyLeach is an emerging metallurgical technology with the potential to solve a number of long standing industry dilemmas Alkaline glycine solutions provide a selective leach process where valuable metals including gold copper nickel cobalt zinc and lead are extracted while most gangue minerals are nbsp

MINERAL RESOURCES DIVISION MRD Educational Series 78 2 Minerals of Manitoba Volume II Metallic minerals by K A Phillips Ph D P Eng Winnipeg 1979 1 Department of Mines Nearby the Dumbarton nickel copper mine see B 12 was gangue minerals provide good specimens of talc epidote and nbsp

nickel could be preferentially leached over other major gangue elements especially iron containing minerals This observation has been reinforced in more recent project investigations including the Çaldağ and Nornico projects The observation that nickel bearing minerals often leach at faster kinetics than iron bearing nbsp

THE EFFECT OF GANGUE MINERALOGY ON THE DENSITY SEPARATION OF LOW GRADE NICKEL ORE K Pillay 1 2 M Becker 2 D Chetty 1 and H Thiele 1 1 Mintek 2 Centre for Minerals Research University of Cape Town Abstract With the decrease over time of high grade easy to process base metal sulfide nbsp

This article research a low grade ore in Jinping it contain 0 634 nickel 0 329 copper 0 047 cobalt 30 18 SiO2 and 19 72 MgO The rude ore contain amount of gangue minerals such as chlorite mica quartz feldspar which are easily slimed and have undesirable effect on flotation In order to decrease such nbsp

25 Sep 2015 The most common minerals found in oxidised zones are Copper malachite azurite chrysocolla Gangue minerals quartz usually cryptocrystalline baryte calcite aragonite Iron goethite hematite Lead anglesite cerussite Manganese pyrolusite romanechite rhodochrosite Nickel gaspeite garnierite nbsp

16 Apr 2016 Laterite nickel ore is an ore by long term weathering of ultrabasic rocks containing magnesium and iron silicate mineral During the weathering process Mg and Fe in the lattice of silicate were partially substituted by Ni gradually to form the mineral deposit with different con tents of nickel and gangue nbsp

Gaspeite is found as a secondary mineral around nickel sulfide deposits It was thought of as just a gangue mineral by miners when it was encountered and usually placed in the mines dumps or tailings A gangue mineral is a mineral that probably contains the ore metal but its chemistry is such that processing it is either nbsp