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202058 ensp 0183 ensp277 Technology Parkway Auburn AL 36830 NCAT Report 0105 PERFORMANCE TESTING FOR HOT MIX ASPHALT By E Ray Brown Prithvi S Kandhal Jingna Zhang

The asphalt pavement analyzer evaluates fatique cracking and rutting susceptibility of asphalt concrete specimens or pavement samples Dynamic Shear Rheometer and Bending Beam Tester In testing asphalt binders the dynamic shear rheometer and bending beam tester give researchers a master curve of the complete rheological behavior of the binder

2018213 ensp 0183 enspThe Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA is a mix design torture test that can provide empirical testing of asphalt mixes at the design stage The APA which is

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The results of the dynamic modulus test asphalt pavement analyzer flow number bending beam fatigue indirect tension creep compliance and strength test energy ratio and moisture

The asphalt pavement analyzer APA and repeated simple shear test at constant height RSSTCH were validated as useful APT tools by comparing measured field performance and laboratory predicted

Three asphalt mixture performance test methods were utilized to test the New Jersey performancebased specifiion 183 Asphalt Pavement Analyzer AASHTO T 340 Determining Rutting Susceptibility

2020130 ensp 0183 enspUnpacking and Installing the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer 2 1 Checking the Parts The following parts are included with the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA 1 A load cell with quick connect plug to digital scale readout 2 Three spare hoses 3 Three rut sample mold assemblies for 125 mm X 300 mm beams 4

Accelerated Laboratory Rutting Tests Evaluation of the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer NATIONAL COOPERATIVE HIGHWAY RESEARCH NCHRP PROGRAM REPORT 508 TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2003 Membership as of August 2003 OFFICERS

The HM459 Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA by Pavement Technology is a threewheel multifunction Asphalt Wheel Tracker for accurate evaluation of rutting fatigue cracking and moisture susceptibility of hot and cold asphalt mixes This versatile model complies with AASHTO methods T 234 Hamburg Test with solid wheels and AASHTO T 340 APA Rut Test with concave wheels

2018101 ensp 0183 enspThen permanent deformation of asphalt mixture at the temperatures ranging from 20 ℃ to 60 ℃ were measured in laboratory by asphalt pavement analyzer APA Finally the relationship between temperatures and permanent deformation is analyzed

Evaluation of AASHTO Rut Test Procedure Using the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer This paper will discuss how high truck traffic heavy axle loads and high tire pressures have contributed to the demand for rutresistant hot mix asphalt HMA on major highways

Update Here is the latest update from Infratest regarding the newly published ASTM D815918 ASTM D8159 18 Standard Test Method for Automated Extraction of Asphalt Binder from Asphalt Mixtures is approved and available for use This new test method approved July 2018 covers the quantitative determination of asphalt binder content in asphalt mixtures and pavement specimens using the

2018816 ensp 0183 enspAsphalt pavement analyzer rut testing program The APAO is offering rut testing services using the new asphalt pavement analyzer APA These services include the following Rut Susceptibility Testing for ODOT Contracts per SP00745 QA Requires mixing and compaction of test specimens using the APAO s SuperPave Gyratory Compactor

Recently the standard asphalt specifications for construction of airports were updated to include Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA results The December 2018 FAA Advisory Circular states P 401 added use of the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer eliminating the need to run stability and flow when using the Marshall Methods and allowing the same asphalt design criteria in Table 1 to apply

2016119 ensp 0183 enspThe Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA and the Hamburg Wheel Tracking Device HWTD were used for this research Compacted cylindrical samples were fabried using a Superpave Gyratory compactor This study selected two most commonly used mixtures SM12 5A with PG 6422 binder in overlay projects and SM19A mixtures with PG 6422 binder for major modifiion projects at Kansas

Simulative Performance Test for Hot Mix Asphalt Using Asphalt Pavement Analyzer Permanent deformation or rutting has been and continues to be a problem in the performance of hot mix asphalt HMA pavements This paper presents a summary of work conducted under National Cooperative Highway Research Program NCHRP Project 917

1 The Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA 2 The Asphalt Pavement Rut Tester 3 The Mix Verification Tester 4 The Asphalt Vibratory Compactor AVC 5 The Single and Double Pugmill Mixers 6 The Laboratory Automatic Gradation Unit AGU 7 The Robotic Truck Sampling Device 8 Mobile and Skid Mounted Laboratories

Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA JR is a two wheel multifunctional Loaded Wheel Tester LWT used for evaluating permanent deformation rutting fatigue cracking and moisture susceptibility of both hot and cold asphalt mixes The APA Jr meets all provisions for AASHTO T32414 Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test and AASHTO T34010 APA Jr Rut Test

Asphalt binder analyzer by ignition method Asphalt binder analyzer by ignition method Extraction fork supplied with the analyzer Exhaust pipe supplied with the binder analyzer metal stand and face shield accessories Asphalt binder analyzer Test setup Double sample basket Supplied with the Firebit analyzer Example of printed report issued by the analyzer

Three asphalt mixture performance test methods were utilized to test the New Jersey performance based specification · Asphalt Pavement Analyzer AASHTO T 340 Determining Rutting Susceptibility

This research project was undertaken to evaluate the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA to determine its suitability as a general method of predicting rut potential There was a need to identify test conditions within the APA that produced results most related to field rutting performance

In this study the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA was investigated for its ability to detect asphalt paving mixtures designed for airfields that may be prone to rutting The objective of this study is to evaluate acceptance criteria for the APA tests for asphalt mixtures prepared using unmodified and modified binders

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement RAP is produced when an old road is ground up by a milling machine These millings or RAP is then saved brought back to an asphalt plant and recycled into future asphalt mixtures The majority of the asphalt mixtures around the country use RAP averaging just over 20 by weight of the aggregate

Rutting is common pavement distress which leads to lower riding comfort for road users and high maintenance costs One of the commonly used tests is the simulation test with wheel tracking devices Here a new rutting test system has been developed based on the Driving Wheel Pavement Analyzer DWPA to evaluate the rutting performance of asphalt mixtures

Dynamic Stability DS the number of load repetitions to generate 1mm rutting during the last 15min of onehour testing has been selected to characterize rutting for HMA During the recent years another version of LWT the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer APA has been introduced into China and has gained popularity in pavement industry